“get ready, God is preparing you for something really, really small” – shane claiborne In a moment of indiscretion I did something horrible in college. I applied to a large university. Now I really say that as a joke, because in actuality I don’t have anything against this particular institution. As a matter of fact I rather like it a lot as well as it’s cross state rival. However, I applied and was accepted to this institution and I thus I began the gauntlet of…Continue Reading “Is Bigger Better?”

As I previously mentioned I am starting a series of blogs about some of the parables of Jesus. Several of these stories have really captured my attention in unique ways for some time, and I wanted to share some of the dynamics and insights I’ve found within them. Some of the posts will be long, others will be extremely short. And of course I’d love to hear your thoughts along the way, get to share in the things that you’ve found that I’ve missed. So…Continue Reading “Luke 15 Critiquing the Pharisees Part 1”

I’ve been reading this book, and it’s full of wonderful information. At the same time it comes from a “christian” perspective and the scripture work in it is pretty horrible a lot of the time. It spot quotes verses, takes them out of context and tries to make them mean things different than how they were really intended (and I don’t mean in a that scripture is kind of but not really related to that kind of way, but in a that has nothing to…Continue Reading “Controlling Life”

I’m not much of a fan of advertising, by and large I’m against marketing. I struggle with the balance between making sure things are known about and much of the manipulation that goes on in marketing today. I want to know when a product I’m excited about is being released, and I always enjoy a funny commercial. But, ads are designed to capture (and steer) your emotions. I fear that having so many ads telling us that our lives are deficient (until of course we…Continue Reading “On Business Marketing”

I’ve always been fascinated with gadgets, but I am a fan of very few products or companies. However, after working with/on computers for a few years I was really impressed when I experienced the OSX Mac. Since I knew Windows well I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to do when when a Mac broke. Therefore I waited until they came out with Macs using the Intel Chipset so I could put Windows on it if I needed. But, I was so impressed with how…Continue Reading “iPhone 4, Technology, and Relationships”