Develop Goals Achievement Structure/Schedule | Next Step: Schedule time to narrow goals to 10 and make them smart
  1. Best Year Ever
  2. Free to Focus
  3. Monk Mode Monday Mornings
  4. Develop a Habit Tracking System
  5. Develop a Goal Tracking System (Accessible by my phone & includes reminders)
  6. Develop Morning, beginning of work day, end of work day, and nighttime routines
  7. Art of Habits - Book
  8. Atomic Habits - Book
Cultivate Joy - Next Step:
  1. Daily Mindfulness
  2. Daily Prayer
  3. Daily Scripture & Devotional
  4. Weekly Journaling
  5. Word Study on Joy
  6. Go through Rob Bell Course again
  7. Watch Introduction to Joy again
Physique - Next Step:
  1. 160 lbs by time MJ is born
  2. Track Calories & 10,000 daily steps (adjust as needed)
  3. 13% BF
  4. Athlean-X
  5. Insanity
  6. Some kind of Calisthenics Workout Plan 
  7. Basic Strength Trainig Plan
  8. Run Double Bridges, Star Wars Run, & Children’s Advocacy Center Run
Bond with Katie | Next Step: Look up Right from the Start to see what they are doing regarding retreats.
  1. Trip just the two of us - Disney, Planned
  2. Chattanooga Retreat - Right from the Start
Bond with Kids | Next Step: Take with Cari & Zoe
  1. Trip/Event with Cari
  2. Trip/Event with Sam - Indoor Skydiving
  3. Trip/Event with Zoe
Finances - Next Step:
  1. Owe less on the house and have more in the bank Dec 31, 2021 than Dec 31 2020
    1. Ally: At least $6,000 in main checking and $15,000 in general savings
    2. Credit Union: At least $5,000 in Checking and $1,000 in savings
  2. Give a solid attempt at starting a Business
  3. Meet with at least 3 People who do rental real estate & pick their brains to develop a plan
Spiritual - Next Step: Order Grist for the Mill
  1. Read 3 books of interest
  2. Attend a conference or retreat if available
Development Position - Next Step:
Incubator Started | Next Step: Email Advisory Board
  1. Talk with Jake Key - Done
  2. Talk with Gwen Harris-Brooks
  3. Talk with Debbie Wood
  4. Talk with Todd Weaver
Have Transportation Plan for Presenting and Pursuit | Next Step: Meet with New Intern
Write at least 12 Blog Posts this Year | Next Step: Plan Content
  1. Develop Plan for monthly content
  2. Write each piece
  3. Schedule Publication