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Welcome to the new, revised site.  If I can get myself into the discipline of blogging (something I really haven’t done over the course of the last very hectic year) then I really have some great things in store.  The revisions are not finished, mainly right now there is a new aesthetic and the old posts, but I will be working on constructing the site to fill it on out.  Since I don’t yet have the other pages built out and ready to go here is a bit about me for those who don’t know me.  Husband of one and father of three, I work full time for a family resource center, teach Ethics part time at a community college, own and run a website business (we focus on building top of the line professional websites for smaller churches that couldn’t afford the site from larger companies) and I will be back in the saddle serving as pastor come June.  For now enjoy the stuff I have previously published, hopefully I’ll have some new stuff up soon.

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